Wednesday’s |One Year Cake Smash Portrait Session

Turning One is a Huge Milestone in a Kiddos life! So many changes start happening is just the First year. Oh Boy doesn’t it go by fast too!
This Is Beautiful Wednesday’s Sunday morning, 10 am exactly cake smash session. We met at her grandmas beautiful house down in the littleton area. She wasn’t full of all the smiles are to excited to smash cake but they are still SO SO SO adorable! Her amazing aunt Made her a beautiful one year old birthday dress in the theme of Wednesday Adams.
Don’t Miss out on all the cuteness below 🙂
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Morgan’s | Fly’n B Park Highlands Ranch Colorado Senior Portraits Photographer

Seniors never really want to take their senior photos do they? I mean I remember HATING every minute of mine! But the pure joy and excitement that I was now a Senior In High School helped me pull off a few smiles. Morgan Reminded me a lot of myself and the strength, independence she had without even really speaking. I’ve got to say, I’m so excited to see where Morgan’s future takes her. Her great passion for Spanish makes me excited to see her maybe traveling or teaching Spanish… who know, right? I’m honored to have been able to capture these moments during her senior year. Congratulations, Morgan!!!

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A California dream


Hey y’all it has been a while!

This is the 1st opportunity i am getting to not be rushing through life to sit down and write about our trip to California. I wont go to crazy with the detail. i will add some images and locations, maybe a few details and you can ask questions if needed from there.

Kevin and I usually take early morning flights but to make the most of our trip we took a late night flight out. To our surprise it is impossible to get a beer after 9pm at the airport…. we were both fairly disappointed by this, I mean we aren’t alcoholics or anything we just enjoy beer. With determination we got the Beer! The late night flight was so incredible i cant even begin to explain it…. The stars in the night sky were so Vivid i cant even explain it. I have always loved space and the stars, there is so much up there to discover i can never stop looking for more in the night sky. Star photography is so amazing to me, it never gets old ever and i wish i could have just stopped the plane in that perfect moment to capture what i could see with my own two eyes.

Well anyways we made it to Cali at about 2:03am on Friday 6/16/17, grabbed our crap and headed to the rental car. We stayed at Knights Inn at Berkeley it was actually quite perfect for what we needed and would most definitely stay again. I book most everything now through bookings for the best rate i can see to find. We checked in quickly and hit the bed for as much shut eye as possible. I will avoid rambling on and on in this blog, i just want to give you tips about what we did.

Friday we started at this amazing little breakfast joint by this marine in Richmond ( will hyperlink all locations to google so you can easily find them). It was called the Bubbaloo Cafe. The place was kind of hidden but DAMN was it sooo good, i highly recommend you get a breakfast burrito, bagel and a caramel macchiato coffee. The cafe had really amazing art on the wall…. And i failed and didn’t take a photo…opps! Next stop was Point Reyes Ship Wreck. I’ve seen SO many photos of this place it is crazy. Almost weekly someone had a new photo on my Instagram feed, so of course we had to stop. The tide was low so we could actually walk around the boat and see the damage that some careless people did while trying to take steel wool photos. Even now i say that these photos do not do justice to how beautiful this was in person.

And trust me this is one of a few others i still have to edit, even videos too!  The mysterious beauty this amazing ship holds never stops amazing me… It seems as if it is such a hidden beauty but it right in front of your eyes as you drive into Inverness. Located behind a store, easy to park at and surprisingly a small amount of foot traffic.

Point Reyes National Seashore sure has a lot to offer and really is quite beautiful in many ways. Definitely buckle up for the bumpy road and start your GPS ahead of time as most the time you will not have service. As we head to the next stop at the Famous Cypress Tree Tunnel yet another unexpected find while driving out. This stop was very simple yet super pretty at the same time, parking was easy to get to and again no cost to get in but they do close at 5pm. I wanted to capture the tree tunnel in a very different way, everyone always seems to make it look the exact same and i didnt want that.

This next Stop at Point Reyes Lighthouse will probably top the whole trip for me the experience we quite amazing, as it was something I had never seen before. I set out on a mission to see a light house because being from Colorado we don’t have light houses. It was quite the drive out as it literally is on the coast of California. We got closer and closer realizing it was very foggy, I was becoming slightly disappointed as I really didn’t want the fog to ruin my experience… The wind was blowing so fast alls I could think is well shit I didn’t bring a jacket and I am going to freeze out in this weather (I had shorts and a tank top on, again I am a Colorado girl), well I was quite wrong it was very nice to hike up a hill in. Be prepared if you are not a walker/hiker you are about to walk a good amount, the stairs are equal to climbing up a 30 story building.

Oh boy it was more beautiful than I could have EVER imagine!!!! This pictures make me so proud of what I have become today as a photographer and prove all the more never to give up on what I was meant to do with my life. Like this stair climb there will be many hard steps you have to take but never let the wind knock you down. I will forever pursue this undying passion I have no matter how much people hate.

Of course I had to do a photo like this for my Cousin, he is the King of these photos haha. Plus I feel like this might be better than his 😉 I could have sat on the edge of this cliff for hours… It was a whole new world for me and it felt so good knowing what would come from this trip. To this day i will never truly believe this trip happened, it was so much like a dream… Maybe why they call is a ‘California Dream’?

Next stop was In-and- Out burger!!!! Only the best freaking burger EVER! I love in-and-out i could eat there all the time, but luckily Colorado doesn’t have these otherwise i might weigh 300 pounds!

The Golden Gate Bridge/ Fort Point were the last of the tops for this wonderful day. Both of which i highly recommend visiting and maybe even visit like 4-5 times after that.

Saturday was day 2 of the trip! We started off with another amazing breakfast joint in the Berkeley area. It was pretty freaking awesome… It was an old fashion diner with just the best food and people ever, it was called Bette’s Oceanview Diner.  If you haven’t been able to tell already Kevin and i Love food but most of all Breakfast is our thing. California definitely can do a great breakfast but anything else is EXTREMELY expensive or not that great. We spent the day walking the pier visiting a verity of stops. I will add our favorite stops/ shops we visited. Be well prepared to spend a good chunk of money on parking if you drive over i think we spent 40-50 dollars for the day to park… Look at parking down by Pier 39, that was more reasonable when we parked there.

The Hyde Street Pier, USS Pampanito, Musee Mecanique, Pier 43 Ferry Arch, Wonderful sushi joint with a great view on the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge (Hana Zen), We walked all the way up and down all the piers and shops also. These are some of the best ones we visited.

 I do have many other photos to share that I will add to this Blog at the bottom to our gallery link where you can purchase prints, and digital downloads.

We later took a cruise around the bridges and also Alcatraz Island. I cannot remember for the life of me what company we selected for the cruise around… Alls I remember is a white boat with red on it… Sorry guys! We finished off the evening with a Trip to a restaurant also on the Pier called The Crab house… I was not impressed with the food or the price so I wont even tell you more.

Our last day was spent at The Golden gate Bridge/ Fort point again, in-&-Out, and finally the San Fransisco Zoo…. I do not recommend wasting your money or Time on that zoo… I would rather pay $800 to fly to Florida and see a zoo down there over paying $60 for another trip around that zoo!

That is about the end of our San Francisco Trip! We are about to head out on the next trip of the year so I will make sure to blog that a little quicker. We are going to try some new stuff so stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook Page (also hyperlinked).

Like I said before if you want to purchase prints of our California Trip hit this link (California Gallery)or Contact us we are always happy to make order for you 🙂 I have tons more on there to share that I have been waiting to show you all!


Estes Park, Colorado 

Happy Sunday y’all! Yesterday we took a little day trip up to Estes Park, Colorado. Kevin and I hadn’t been there since a very young age (like 5-10 year old), minus I had been up there a few times but we didn’t adventure due to weather. Estes Park is about 1.5 hours from Lakewood where we live and is quite the cruise.

Our 1st stop was The Stanley Hotel for a nice walk around the property for maybe a potential over night stay in the near future… maybe not though as we would Love to Bring Axle up with us for some day hiking. I truly knew very little about the Stanley, only because the famous movie that most everyone knows “The Shining”. I won’t go into detail about the hotel but I can for sure tell you it is worth your time. I would definitely love to come take some photos of this beautiful place at sunset and do a night tour see if we can find a few ghosts. Tours can be selected and scheduled in the downstairs area where you can view some great artifacts… this was my favorite… old typewriters just spark an interest for me. 

They also have a really beautiful back patio area for I awesome some amazing weddings or some beautiful parties. 

Stop number 2 was for some breakfast. A little place called “The Other side” located right off the river for a beautiful view. I didn’t grab any photos at this place. I can definitely say it’s very inexpensive and great on hand staff. The classic cinnamon roll is definitely the way to go… can get a little sugary though so watch out! The breakfast itself was like $20 bucks for the both of us to have full plates and multiple couples of coffee.

Stop number 3 was back into the town of Estes for a walk through of the town. I love walking through shops in small towns for some reason they have the best things and experiences. I found this old Theater that stood out to me like crazy… I love love love old builds with LOTS of history, so of course we snapped a photo of it. How cool right??? Reminds me of the 50’s I could just picture people swing dancing out front! Oh man those days… love that music, dresses and dancing.

We strolled through the town more swinging into almost every shop. Kevin loves beer and has showed me some ropes to some new delicious beer that I just can’t deny now. Haha don’t think we are alcoholics we just enjoy stopping into places and trying beers they have to offer. I love Guinness which is surprising cause it is a VERY dark beer. We stopped into this awesome Placed called “The Barrel”, this place is made from a shopping container…. YES!!!! A shopping container and it SOOOOO cool! I wish I would have got a picture of it but there were just to many people. We continued to walk through a lot of really cool shops, especially art galleries with a handful of amazing photographs from Colorful Colorado….I need to do that start printing and selling to galleries lol. A few shops really stood out to me.

This candy shop was amazing. It had classic old candy that doesn’t even exist in gas stations now Day. Candy cigarettes?? Who remembers those? The cash register in this shop is original and more the 50 years old. It’s amazing to see these things still in use. Definitely stop in here for a few pieces of candy.

The last place that really was my All time favorite of the whole adventure, was a Glass Blowing shop. It was called ” Mountain Blown Glass” operated by father and son, with all pieces being hand-made in front of you… like my mind was blown. I was so excited about this shop I didn’t even get one photo. BUT we will be going back to get a piece from them for our house and I’ll snap a few photos then.

That was pretty much everything from our day trip out to Estes, nothing SUPER exciting but I hope y’all find a good day or weekend trip place like we did! 🙂


Photos will be available in our gallery (Click here) don’t worry either I your email is only requested to protect our gallery from a handful of people trying to take some images from us. 😉

Cheers until next time my fiends 😘

Little 8 month old Allie’s Easter session

We met this little QT through Facebook, her momma posted looking for a mini session photographer and i so happened to comment and get a few recommendations from some other great clients also!
The first time we met Allie just wasn’t having it… Not a good day for photos. Everyone has one of those days right?? Least i have before 🙂 Allie-11 .jpg
Sometimes you got to get mad before you really can get glade. So we went for round two on another weekend, lucky her grandma was in town so we had a bit more fun getting a few smiles.
I am really excited to have met this adorable little family for this session. We are planning to be at this little ladies birthday party in July. Cant wait for those one year old photos. 🙂
Allie-1 RT.jpg
Enjoy this last photo of Allie and her baby Alligator before we see you at her 1 year birthday party!
View full Gallery on her Online Gallery or visit Facebook to see a few more! Thanks for Stopping by! 🙂


Baby Kaech

Are you ready to get some MAJOR baby fever???? I don’t think you will be able to handle this perfection!
I would like to Introduce you to Liam, Formally known as Teddy. Dan and i work together at my full time job and i have no idea why Liam was teddy but he was before he was Liam.Liam-4 RT.jpg
This little man arrived quite quickly and swept his parents off their feet by being overwhelmed with joy. Liam is definitely the perfect little bundle of joy. I am beyond honored to have gotten the pleasure in photographing him for his newborn session. Oh boy was it the session. At first we couldn’t get Mr. Liam to wake up to even say hello, and eventually he peed all over his momma and throw a screaming fit at the end. Trust me i wouldn’t want that session to go any other way…. I love seeing these photos and being able to relive that moment to well.
These proud parents seriously couldn’t have made a more adorable session happen until this….Liam-2 RT.jpg
Their very First kid got involved… His name is Carter and he is most definitely the sweetest and most gentle puppy dog ever! These little moments are the ones that really back the session ever lasting. Fluffy RT.jpg
Seriously I CANT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!
And….It….gets… BETTER
This is the finally and favorite of the Whole Session!


I truly and honestly cannot wait for the future sessions we will have planned.
Thank you for stopping by i hope you enjoyed this session!

Mckenzie York 6 month/ Easter mini’s

Little Miss McKenzie York is 6 months old already!!!! Can you believe it…I sure can’t!
 We last saw McKenzie around Christmas for a quick little session so her momma could do a Christmas Card for the year. Boy oh Boy how time flies when you are having so much fun!
McKenzie has quite the sass on board with that cute little smile. She was throwing her eyebrows up just giving us this glare of “why am i in this damn bucket you crazy ladies.” Like this photo below….


Happy Late Easter on this session! I have a few more to post just have been incredibly busy with working two jobs.
Enjoy this session. Links will be at the bottom to view full gallery or see them on Facebook 🙂
I am fairly convinced after this session McKenzie believes she can fly when laying on her tummy. She automatically throws her arms up and out and gets this great smile.


Cant wait for the next session we have scheduled with this cutie pie!
Thanks for Stopping by 😉
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