Little 8 month old Allie’s Easter session

We met this little QT through Facebook, her momma posted looking for a mini session photographer and i so happened to comment and get a few recommendations from some other great clients also!
The first time we met Allie just wasn’t having it… Not a good day for photos. Everyone has one of those days right?? Least i have before 🙂 Allie-11 .jpg
Sometimes you got to get mad before you really can get glade. So we went for round two on another weekend, lucky her grandma was in town so we had a bit more fun getting a few smiles.
I am really excited to have met this adorable little family for this session. We are planning to be at this little ladies birthday party in July. Cant wait for those one year old photos. 🙂
Allie-1 RT.jpg
Enjoy this last photo of Allie and her baby Alligator before we see you at her 1 year birthday party!
View full Gallery on her Online Gallery or visit Facebook to see a few more! Thanks for Stopping by! 🙂



Baby Kaech

Are you ready to get some MAJOR baby fever???? I don’t think you will be able to handle this perfection!
I would like to Introduce you to Liam, Formally known as Teddy. Dan and i work together at my full time job and i have no idea why Liam was teddy but he was before he was Liam.Liam-4 RT.jpg
This little man arrived quite quickly and swept his parents off their feet by being overwhelmed with joy. Liam is definitely the perfect little bundle of joy. I am beyond honored to have gotten the pleasure in photographing him for his newborn session. Oh boy was it the session. At first we couldn’t get Mr. Liam to wake up to even say hello, and eventually he peed all over his momma and throw a screaming fit at the end. Trust me i wouldn’t want that session to go any other way…. I love seeing these photos and being able to relive that moment to well.
These proud parents seriously couldn’t have made a more adorable session happen until this….Liam-2 RT.jpg
Their very First kid got involved… His name is Carter and he is most definitely the sweetest and most gentle puppy dog ever! These little moments are the ones that really back the session ever lasting. Fluffy RT.jpg
Seriously I CANT EVEN!!!!!!!!!!
And….It….gets… BETTER
This is the finally and favorite of the Whole Session!


I truly and honestly cannot wait for the future sessions we will have planned.
Thank you for stopping by i hope you enjoyed this session!