Estes Park, Colorado 

Happy Sunday y’all! Yesterday we took a little day trip up to Estes Park, Colorado. Kevin and I hadn’t been there since a very young age (like 5-10 year old), minus I had been up there a few times but we didn’t adventure due to weather. Estes Park is about 1.5 hours from Lakewood where we live and is quite the cruise.

Our 1st stop was The Stanley Hotel for a nice walk around the property for maybe a potential over night stay in the near future… maybe not though as we would Love to Bring Axle up with us for some day hiking. I truly knew very little about the Stanley, only because the famous movie that most everyone knows “The Shining”. I won’t go into detail about the hotel but I can for sure tell you it is worth your time. I would definitely love to come take some photos of this beautiful place at sunset and do a night tour see if we can find a few ghosts. Tours can be selected and scheduled in the downstairs area where you can view some great artifacts… this was my favorite… old typewriters just spark an interest for me. 

They also have a really beautiful back patio area for I awesome some amazing weddings or some beautiful parties. 

Stop number 2 was for some breakfast. A little place called “The Other side” located right off the river for a beautiful view. I didn’t grab any photos at this place. I can definitely say it’s very inexpensive and great on hand staff. The classic cinnamon roll is definitely the way to go… can get a little sugary though so watch out! The breakfast itself was like $20 bucks for the both of us to have full plates and multiple couples of coffee.

Stop number 3 was back into the town of Estes for a walk through of the town. I love walking through shops in small towns for some reason they have the best things and experiences. I found this old Theater that stood out to me like crazy… I love love love old builds with LOTS of history, so of course we snapped a photo of it. How cool right??? Reminds me of the 50’s I could just picture people swing dancing out front! Oh man those days… love that music, dresses and dancing.

We strolled through the town more swinging into almost every shop. Kevin loves beer and has showed me some ropes to some new delicious beer that I just can’t deny now. Haha don’t think we are alcoholics we just enjoy stopping into places and trying beers they have to offer. I love Guinness which is surprising cause it is a VERY dark beer. We stopped into this awesome Placed called “The Barrel”, this place is made from a shopping container…. YES!!!! A shopping container and it SOOOOO cool! I wish I would have got a picture of it but there were just to many people. We continued to walk through a lot of really cool shops, especially art galleries with a handful of amazing photographs from Colorful Colorado….I need to do that start printing and selling to galleries lol. A few shops really stood out to me.

This candy shop was amazing. It had classic old candy that doesn’t even exist in gas stations now Day. Candy cigarettes?? Who remembers those? The cash register in this shop is original and more the 50 years old. It’s amazing to see these things still in use. Definitely stop in here for a few pieces of candy.

The last place that really was my All time favorite of the whole adventure, was a Glass Blowing shop. It was called ” Mountain Blown Glass” operated by father and son, with all pieces being hand-made in front of you… like my mind was blown. I was so excited about this shop I didn’t even get one photo. BUT we will be going back to get a piece from them for our house and I’ll snap a few photos then.

That was pretty much everything from our day trip out to Estes, nothing SUPER exciting but I hope y’all find a good day or weekend trip place like we did! 🙂


Photos will be available in our gallery (Click here) don’t worry either I your email is only requested to protect our gallery from a handful of people trying to take some images from us. 😉

Cheers until next time my fiends 😘