Simple home improvements that are a game changer for the look of your house

We purchased our home October 31st, 2014. We  knew it needed a lot of work being built in the 60’s, and with the marketing being so high in Colorado right now it was the best bet into not renting… I find renting an apartment to be outrageous…. A house is an investment LITERALLY! I started sharing photos of the progress we did the day we moved In, its great motivation to see what we have done and how worth it really is.

Kevin and I decided to turn the finished half of the basement that was the living room with the prior owners into our bedroom, as the actual master bedroom upstairs is very small for us and two dogs!

The now bedroom had no closet. 

Start with the paint….Paint can be so exciting… green, blue, pink so many options to pick from. Just a tip for when it comes time to Sell the place pick Something not orange and easier to work with. People love whites and grays or even light colors like tans. We selected a darker grey with a lighter grey ascent wall since our bedroom set is Black it worked well for us. We also have black out pull down blinds for the basement which we purchased when originally moving in as Kevin does work nights for 1 month then days the next and back and forth all year long.

Next we framed In a great big walk in closet…. Most women dream of a closet the size of ours lol. Dry wall was next… I don’t have many tips on this as i was working for most of it and many people will want to hire out to make sure it is framed in correctly.

Next was carpet. You really can go any way you want with carpet. We found a great deal on carpet for our family room, 3 bedrooms, and the whole basement plus extra for the stairs with install at $1,500. Home Depot is a great place to look or shoot me an email and i can talk to our guy about getting ya’ll some carpet.

I am VERY VERY VERY lucky when it comes to my family and the talents we all share. Our closet storage system is Fully custom made from Blue stain Pine (aka Beetle kill pine), i selected a mahogany stain for all the base storage and then just a semi gloss polyurethane for all the drawer faces.

 The details in the drawer faces are amazing that is for sure… Reds, Blues, Browns so many amazing colors to look at. The amazing creator of this storage system did great work as you can tell, by the lines of the boards following from drawer to drawer all the way across. Final touches were nickel brushed cross bars for us to hang shirts, dress, etc. All in all the wood for both my Barn doors and closet was $202 and some change, the stains/clear coat was about $100 bucks we have a huge can left over though as we knew we have many more projects to come.

The doors were crafted with Blue stain pine so we could match the custom closet nicely. Two guys from work crafted the doors for us as that is what one of them does daily. Once they were 100% crafted Kevin and i sanded them down a bit, and applied about 2-3 coats of semi gloss polyurethane front/back and mounting board for the barn door track. The track we purchased can be found at the at this Home Depot Hyperlink if you’re looking for the same track. The reason we have a mounting board for the track is because the door was thicker than the specs on the tracks would allow if we didn’t use the mounting board.

Are…. you…. ready to see them??????

AMAZING Right????? They are so perfect with the color the room. You can kinda see a peek into the closet and how well the drawers would match if the closet light had been on.

This is all i have for home improvement ideas this time… I will be keeping better track of the process and maybe get y’all a few videos on how to do stuff for the house… The office will be next project i post for you on what all we did in there. This last photo is the finished work… Now go back to the 1st photo, doesn’t even look like the same house lol. Thanks for stopping by and checking out our #TurningOurHouseintoAHome project! 🙂

Much more to come don’t worry.